08 März 2013


For the residue, cast off in this search, the songs themselves, my crooked brood of sad-eyed children, rally round and in their way, protect me, comfort me and keep me alive. They are the companions of the soul that lead it into exile, that sate the overpowering yearning for that which is not of this world. The imagination desires an alternate world and through the writing of the Love Song, one sits and dines with loss and longing, madness and melancholy, ecstasy, magic, joy and love with equal measures of respect and gratitude. The spiritual quest has many faces - religion, art, drugs, work, money, sex - but rarely does the search serve God so directly and rarely are the rewards so great in the doing.
Nick Cave, 'The Secret Life Of The Love Song' 

...an einem Tag wie diesem, wo die Vorfrühlingssonne durchs Morgenfenster glistert, ist man dennoch froh, hat der Barde der höheren Verbindung auch die eine oder andere gänzlich unbeschwert beschwingte Melodie abgerungen. Enjoy!

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