06 März 2013

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Waters, Black Hair, I Let Love In, Deanna, From Her To Eternity, Nobody´s Baby Now, Into my Arms, Lime Tree Arbour, Lucy, Straight to You. I am proud of these songs. They are my gloomy, violent, dark-eyed children. They sit grimly on their own and do not play with the other songs. Mostly they were the offspring of complicated pregnancies and difficult and painful births. Most of them are rooted in direct personal experience and were conceived for a variety of reasons but this rag-tag group of love-songs are, at the death, all the same thing - life-lines thrown into the galaxies of the divine by a drowning man. 
Nick Cave, Lecture: 'The Secret Life Of The Love Song'

the secret family
and all these children of this secret family 
they are all the thoughts that have given move to me 
my son trust, my daughter grace 
the child self-love, the child self-hate 
each was a birth of great pride, great hope 
and to all my children in turn 
I have given my life 

to this secret family, I hold on 
to this secret family, I hold on 
and hold on tight
Marcus Doo, Secret Family

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